Career Transitions Counseling

Considering Changing Careers or Reentering the Workforce?
Your Unique Situation Is No Reason To Feel Alone!

Starting anything new can be a bit scary. But a willingness to explore your options — along with assistance and a bit of patience — can lead to positive change that more than justifies the work involved in overcoming any complacencies or fears.

As someone who has held numerous positions in a variety of fields, I know how difficult and how rewarding career changes can be. I understand the confusion many of my clients feel about what it is they really want to do. I’ve been there myself!

I’ve experienced the lack of purpose and depression that accompany an unfulfilling career path. I’ve experienced the anxiety that is a normal part of contemplating and enacting any big change. I’ve learned the skills and tools necessary to overcome these obstacles, and have helped others do the same. I am now doing what I love to do… You can too!

Whether you’ve worked part-time on and off and are looking to begin a new career path; feel frustrated, disappointed, disillusioned; or are just plain bored in your current job, I offer interactive, respectful, and creative counseling services that can help you uncover latent interests and passions.

The counseling and psychotherapy services I offer can help you through the discovery process of finding what holds meaning for you. Once you know what it is you want to do, we can then work together to formulate an executable plan so you can begin to realize your dreams.

I can help you:

  • adjust to the feeling of beginning something new,
  • come up with creative solutions to create the life you want,
  • establish a network of people to help you with your endeavors, and
  • feel confident with your chosen path.

Time moves too quickly—and life is too short—not to be happy and fulfilled in our life’s work. There’s no reason to sit by depressed and envious as you watch friends and family experience joy and success in their life experiences.

To make a career transition is to embark on a journey that will affect every part of your life. Instead of just making a living, learn how to make a life!

Please contact me today at (650) 947-4044 or by e-mail at for a free consultation and to find out how I can help you create and live your own unique definition of success.

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